Financial Planning Roadmap

We believe that wealth is about more than just your account balance. Money is a tool that can help you achieve your dreams of living a comfortable, meaningful life. As advisors, our first goal is to help you understand and prioritize the opportunities money can provide and better manage potential challenges. 

To some, that opportunity represents an early retirement or the freedom to spend more time with the grandkids. To others, it’s a second home or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with the ones you love. Whatever that opportunity means to you, we help you uncover it and create financial strategies to pursue it. 

Our experienced team’s diverse backgrounds have allowed us to offer an even more comprehensive approach to our services.  We know that tax efficiency is essential to securing your financial future. That’s why our team of professionals works to limit your tax liability, increase your wealth, and keep everything aligned with your Financial Planning Roadmap. Bringing these services under one roof is just another way we provide a concierge level of service to our clients. 

We Deliver a Roadmap To Your Financial Goals And Then Help You Follow It 

We follow a disciplined 6-Step Financial Planning Roadmap that explores your personal circumstances through in-depth conversations and develops a thorough picture of your financial life. 

Step 1: Introduction

We get to know you and your family. We introduce our wealth management team and our investment process. We review common obstacles and uncertainties you may face as an investor. 

Step 2: Discovery

We use your financial priorities, future goals, and attitude about risk to create a personalized roadmap that is designed to take you where you want to go in life. We help you organize your finances and clearly understand your roadmap by examining your situation from investment, tax, insurance, and estate planning perspectives. 

Step 3: Recommended Financial Strategies

Once we are confident that we understand your financial picture, we make recommendations and offer solutions. We make the complicated simple by explaining your options and educating you without overwhelming you with information. 

Step 4: Implementation

Our work doesn’t stop there. We work closely with you to implement the strategies we create and offer ongoing communication so that you feel supported every step of the way.

Step 5: 45-Day Review

After we have established your investment account, we meet again to discuss your investment strategy and review your financial plan.  

Step 6: Ongoing Progress Monitoring

We leverage industry-leading technology to offer you constant access to your accounts and provide clear, concise information about your overall financial situation. Most importantly, we offer a guiding hand and a reassuring voice whenever you have questions or concerns.