Tax Resources

Click the button below to view our tax preparation organizer for this year. Below are also some ways to help prepare you for tax season and links to view your tax refund status.

Tax Preparation Checklist

Food Drive (Tax Year 2023)

Navigating through Tax Season


1. Schedule an Appointment (if needed)

  • Appointments can be made through our scheduling software (click the link below), or by calling the office, 914-762-4760.
  • When booking, please select "Joe Passaniti" and "Tax Prep" as the meeting type.

Schedule an Appointment


2. Upload, Drop-off or Mail Tax Documents

When submitting your tax documents, please also indicate how you would like to receive your completed tax return (electronically, pick-up or mail).

  • Upload to Client Tax Portal:
    • You can submit documents or photo images directly to our Client Tax Portal, by clicking the link below. This is your own secure online file cabinet.
    • FIRST TIME USERS, please contact, for the registration link to create an account on our Client Tax Portal.  

  • Drop-Off:
    • Please drop-off your tax documents at our office, 1249 Pleasantville Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510.
    • If we are closed, you may use the mail slot on our door to drop-off your documents. 
  • Mail:
    • Based on recent experience, we recommend using trackable mail. Please use our office address listed above.

If you are dropping off or mailing your documents, please do not include sealed unopened envelopes. Also, for any documents or statements that you receive with multiple pages, please do not staple them together. We appreciate your cooperation with these requests as they will greatly benefit our efficiency in preparing your tax return.

Log-in to Client Tax Portal


3. Signing E-file Signature Forms

  • Electronic Signing on DocuSign: 
    • To use DocuSign, all you need is an e-mail address or separate e-mails (if you are married), to retrieve your protected tax return.
    • After signing the tax return electronically, you have the ability to download and save the PDF right from the DocuSign website.
    • Once the system notifies us that you have signed the forms, we can submit the e-file to the IRS and state agency.
  • Pick-Up:
    • We will call or e-mail you when your tax return is completed and ready for pick-up. 
  • Mail:
    • If you prefer to receive your tax return by mail, we will send it via trackable mail and we will include an envelope in your package to send us back your signature forms.
    • You may also include payment to Hudson Financial in that same envelope.

4. Tax Preparation Fee

  • Electronic Payment Option (online):
    • If you choose the online payment option, you will receive an e-mail with your invoice, and you can click the link to pay electronically with credit card. 
  • We must receive your payment prior to your tax return being electronically filed.
  • You have the option to pay by cash, check or credit card. This may be done, in-person, by mail or online.

Refund Status

If you filed your tax return and still have yet to receive your refund(s), please check the following links to view the status of your return. If you need any assistance, please call our office at 914-762-4760.